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Willow mental banishing spell

Willow casting the spell.

This spell was used to repel any invasive telepathic access. There appeared to be at least two varying levels of the spell, with the more potent one being capable of banishing even an ex-Power-That-Be.


In 2003, Willow was called by Fred to help Angel Investigations restore Angel's soul. As she proceeded to perform a spell that would free Angel's soul, Jasmine repeatedly infiltrated Willow's mind to intimidate and distract Willow. The witch attempted to cast Jasmine off but failed. She later used a different incantation, which successfully repelled Jasmine from her thoughts. As Jasmine was expelled, the crystal she was using to invade Willow's mind broke, and Cordelia (acting as Jasmine's vessel) bit her tongue as a result of Willow's spell.


"Invadoria disparu!"

This was used by Willow in her initial attempt to banish Jasmine from her thoughts. This failed and at the same time alerted Jasmine of what Willow was trying to do.

"Vetsche invadoria disparu!"

This more powerful version of the spell successfully disrupted Jasmine's ability to channel her thoughts into Willow.


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