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Team Angel making the Render Memory Spell

A Memory Restoration Spell mystically returned memories to the target individual which had been previously lost.

If any adverse effects took place, they could be reversed by consuming a minor taste of the contents of the bottle which was an ingredient of the spell.

Lorne procured the spell and ingredients from a semi-corporeal female wraith in order to return what he believed was Cordelia Chase's memory, as she had returned from her time on a higher plane suffering from complete amnesia. However, when Angel Investigations attempted to perform the ritual to restore Cordelia's memory, the resulting disorientation during the spell resulted in Cordelia accidentally stepping on the bottle, leaving Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and Fred reverted to their memories when they were all around sixteen years old (Lorne was also present, but he was merely rendered unconscious for a time and woke up with all his memories intact). After Lorne woke up, he was able to convince the team to trust him to complete the ritual, restoring the rest of the gang's memories, although his attempt to restore Cordelia only succeeded in awakening Jasmine's consciousness.

Ingredients / Requirements

  • [unknown] mystical ceramic bottle (most likely the ingredients were the key)
  • [unknown] mystical symbol
  • Close friends/acquaintences of target individual, sitting in a circle around symbol, each holding a lit candle with another lit candle before each of them, each individual focusing on bottle
  • Recital (native): We come in supplication and hope. Bring [her/him] back.


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