Melissa Burns was an employee of Pardell Paper Products and a client of Angel Investigations. After her sight was saved in an operation performed by Dr. Ronald Meltzer, she accepted his request for a date, but Meltzer subsequently began to obsessively stalk her, saying that they had "something special", going so far as to even change her PIN number to the date they met. She even attempted to issue a restraining order against him, but Meltzer's lawyers, Wolfram & Hart, managed to turn the case around and get a restraining order placed on Melissa.

As she grew increasingly scared and desperate, Angel contacted her with an offer to help, and Melissa agreed to hire him. The truth about Meltzer's abilities was revealed when he sent his hands into her room to "feel her up" since Meltzer had mastered a psychic surgery that allowed him to detach his limbs while retaining control of them. Angel convinced Melissa that they could still defeat him, pointing out that she had survived everything Meltzer had done so far while he was coming unstuck at his inability to control her. Even as Meltzer confronted her in Angel's apartment, Melissa reaffirmed her refusal to be afraid of him before Angel returned to confront Meltzer, taking him apart and sticking him in twelve separate metal boxes. After paying Angel and thanking him and his team for his help with a plant, Melissa left the office, saying that she hoped she'd never have to see him again.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • She was portrayed by Tushka Bergen.
  • She was Angel Investigations' first client.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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