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I know everything that goes on around here. A tick on a mouse couldn't get in without my knowing it. And if Adam wants to try, we're ready for him.
―Colonel McNamara[src]

Colonel McNamara (first name unknown) was the United States Army officer appointed by Mr. Ward and the Pentagon to oversee The Initiative and to replace Colonel George Haviland.


Colonel McNamara appeared as a middle-aged man with thin silvery hair. He had a strict military demeanor and was at times, arrogant about his position in The Initiative, certain that the government were better equipped to handle demon threats despite Buffy's history as the Slayer, refusing to listen to anything she had to say despite her first-hand experience with Adam.


McNamara was sent to lead The Initiative during the organization's struggle to maintain its soldiers' well-being as well as to deal with the threat of Adam and other Hostile Sub-Terrestrials. He led the capture of many demons and other creatures The Initiative deemed hostile, such as Oz in his werewolf form. He was rigid and threatened to relieve Riley Finn from his position when the soldier attempted to release Oz. He has since considered Riley as a deserter and an outcast. His behaviour towards the Slayer Buffy, also a former member of The Initiative, was similarly arrogant. Even when The Initiative was overwhelmed by escaped demons, McNamara refused to acknowledge the plans and the help of the Scoobies, opting instead to rely solely on his soldiers and remaining to fight the demons. His decisions eventually led to his demise from the hands of an unidentified demon.

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