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He left his wife and kids a couple years ago, kept moving, staying in the middle of nowhere most of the time. First year or so, a few mangled bodies showed up here and there, but the last 6 months, guy was leaving corpses like bread crumbs.
Charles Gunn[src]

McManus (first name unknown) was a werewolf of the Lycanthropus Exterus breed. He was responsible for the transformation of Nina Ash.


Probably tried to control it for a while and just gave up.
McManus Wolf Form

McManus in his werewolf form.

After becoming a werewolf by 2001, McManus left his wife and children in order to protect them and kept moving from town to town, killing a few people while transformed. By early 2003, McManus had given up trying to control his condition and was responsible for numerous deaths. By late 2003, McManus had established in Los Angeles. During a full moon night he chased and bit Nina Ash, but was killed by the vampire Angel, who stabbed him with a sterling silver pen. Charles Gunn arranged procedures to send his body to his family.