In the Wishverse, The Master was never killed by Buffy Summers because she never came to Sunnydale in the first place. Without someone to prevent the Harvest from being successful, the Master managed to escape the Hellmouth.

Free once again, the Master led the Order of Aurelius and the vampires of Sunnydale, taking over the entire town, as his only opposition were Angel, who was eventually captured, and Rupert Giles and his band of vampire hunters, dubbed White Hats by the vampires, who were little more than a nuisance for the vampire population. Having been trapped underground for sixty years, the Master forsook the Aurelian's commandment of dwelling underground; instead, the Master moved his throne room to The Bronze, which had become a vampire nest. The Master also forsook his old goal of bringing about the end of the world.

The Master had also grown tired of the ancient habit of hunting, preferring now to drink blood from cups. As vampires now ruled Sunnydale, he decided to use the town humans not as prey, but as cattle. However, he felt his plans were threatened when he learned Cordelia Chase talked of summoning the Slayer to Sunnydale. The Master sent his most powerful acolytes - Xander and Willow, who had replaced Luke, Darla and Zachary - to kill her. However, Cordelia had already talked to Giles, who summoned Buffy Summers to Sunnydale.

The Master sent some of his minions to kidnap humans and take them to his new blood processing plant. A large number of vampires gathered to see the Master's project for the future, replacing hunting with mass production. However, Buffy and Angel infiltrated the gathering and started a revolt. Angel released the captives while Buffy shot an arrow at The Master, who yanked Xander to block the incoming bolt, which hit him in the shoulder. During the fight, Angel, Xander and Willow were killed. The Master faced Buffy herself and managed to defeat her. He kills her by snapping her neck, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Pergamum Codex. Seconds afterwards, Giles managed to restore the original timeline.


The Master possesses all the powers of his counterpart in the original Buffyverse.


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