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Marie Siegner was a French Slayer active in France and London circa 1842.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Marie was born in Southern France. She was called as the Slayer eventually followed her Watcher to London, where she served out the remainder of her time as the Slayer. She was killed in the line of duty, her death activating Catherine Hogarth as the next Slayer.

According to the Watcher Charlton Muzzlewit, Marie was from a poor background and was considered "uneducated" by upper-class British standards. Charlton called her a "tart", and described: "she liked nothing more than to play games and to grin suggestively, as though she held some secret regarding everyone she met."

In 1843, Marie was one of the three spirits of Slayers who visited Muzzlewit to teach him the error of his ways. She led him to the home of Catherine Hogarth, his current charge. Marie expected the Watcher to learn compassion, but Catherine asked in his prayers instead for some divine punishment to fall upon Muzzlewit. Listening to this, Marie simply cursed and left.[1]

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Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Samantha
The Slayer
ca. 1842
Succeeded by:
Catherine Hogarth
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