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Maricruz was a Slayer activated by the Slayer activation spell cast in 2003.


Maricruz was born in New York City. She acted during the Slayer Organization battle against the three Wrathful goddesses in Tibet. After Buffy Summers left, Daniel Osbourne and Chao-Ahn led Maricruz and Taylor to London, England, with the purpose to find safety with Faith Lehane and her mentored Slayer squad. Chao-Ahn described that, despite Tibet being close to home, she couldn't leave Maricruz and Taylor, who had no one else to care for them, and they needed a place to heal.

While in London, though, the four were imprisoned by Ian Von Alston in his mansion, who intended to promote his yearly werewolf hunt against Oz. The arrival and imprisonment of a third Slayer, Athena "Nina" Jamison-Smythe, made Von Alston change the rules, thinking she was there to rescue the other Slayers. Under the full moon, three hunters would seek Oz to kill him; but, if Nina survived the hunters and killed him first, she would win the money prize and leave with the Slayers and her demon friend, Doug.

Nina defeated the hunters and won the hunt, although without killing Oz, who was able to not transform under the full moon. Maricruz then left with Nina, Chao-Ahn, Taylor, Oz, and Doug to Shancoon, Ireland, where a Watchers Academy castle offered sanctuary to Slayers. After Oz left to return to Tibet, the three Slayers were included in the castle's defense plans, which included them hiding into safety with the children and protect them. While patrolling, Maricruz joined Nina, Cillian, and Jade Weatherby in a small reunion in Cillian's house, which began a beer night as soon as Maricruz remembered the legal drinking age in Ireland.

After an attack from the acolytes of the Sleeping One eventually happened, Maricruz concluded that "hiding sucks," and for the first time after becoming a Slayer she was given a choice instead of a command. This made it so Maricruz decided to join Nina, Doug, Cillian, Jade, Rhys Zabuto, and Chao-Ahn in the final battle against the Sleeping One, where she felt again her excitement pre-battle and successfully staked vampires from the enemy army. As she promised Taylor, Maricruz returned from "work" safely to the Sanctuary, where the two began growing a garden in a patch outside the castle. With this, Chao-Ahn was able to leave the two Slayers and return home.[1]


Maricruz was described as having curly dark hair, dark eyes in wide-set, and fingernails painted black.[1]


  • Taylor — Maricruz had a close relationship with the other Slayer, providing strength to Taylor's more apparent fragility. Upon first seeing Maricruz escorting Taylor to the bathroom, Nina noticed a "weird dynamic" between them, like Maricruz was being babysit despite her age. Nina also described Taylor as Maricruz's "shadow". Before going to battle, Maricruz reaffirmed that she was not leaving her, so Taylor should trust she would come back.[1]



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