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Her name was Marianne. She was twenty-three. And she was the best of us.

Marianne was a Slayer member of Faith Lehane's London Slayer squad that continued to operate following the end of magic. She was eventually killed by Drusilla and possessed by Eyghon the Sleepwalker.


According to Faith, although Marianne was a Slayer, she never had a "killer instinct." Her moves were considered okay technically, but Faith could tell Marianne's heart wasn't in it. Marianne was one of the few girls Faith tried to talk out of the Slayer life, but she didn't listen to her. Faith believed she stayed in the squad because of the Slayers, since she had lost her parents and did not have any other family. At the time, she also had a small flat, in which she let other slayers in need to stay with her.[1]

Ultimately, Marianne was killed by Drusilla during a surprise ambush by the vampire. Nadira then attempted to force Angel — who had been making plans to resurrect Rupert Giles — to use the material he had been gathering to bring Marianne back to life. When Angel refused, claiming that his plan to resurrect Giles was only possible due to Giles's long contact with magic, Nadira left to try and find another means of resurrection.[1]

Although her contact was apparently able to resurrect Marianne, Nadira realized that she had been deceived when "Marianne" could not remember her own last name. The new form merely possessed what memories other Slayers had shared during the preceding ritual, while actually being animated by a part of Eyghon's zombie army.[2]