I told you, when you defeated me in battle, you didn't torture me. You tied me up, you brought me home. It's the nicest anyone's been to me in a long time.

Maria "Spider" Harley was one of the Spikettes that aided Spike during his time in hell.


After the Fall

Spider first worked for Non, but after her defeat at the hands of Spike and Illyria she became part of Spike's harem and aided team Angel in several battles.


An ex-girlfriend has written a series of books loosely based on our time together. Yep. That was made into a movie, too.

After returning from Hell, Maria took on the alias "Spider Harley" and went on to write the Twinkle book series, a heavily fictionalized account of her experience with Spike, becoming a famous author. The plot of the books involved a girl who resembled Spider who was in love triangle with a vampire called William, who resembled Spike, and a werewolf called Jared. The novels spawned a series of movies, which also coincided with the "vampire craze" that swept the United States following the exposure of vampires to the public.


Spider first appeared scantily clad as part of Spike's harem. Later, she appeared in dark armored clothing along with the other members of her team. She also dressed like this while working for Non. Spider had distinct curly brown hair often worn in a ponytail.

Powers and Abilities

Spider had eight retractable spider-like arms on her back (hence her nickname). She was a skilled combatant.


Romantic interests and sexual liaisons

  • Spike — Shortly after meeting Spike, Spider indicated an attraction to him. After he became the Lord of Beverly Hills, she appeared to be a close confidant, although the full extent of their relationship is not known.


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