Tina! Smile for the camera. And who is this hunk of tall, dark and handsome?

Margo was a woman living in Los Angeles an a mutual acquaintance of both Tina Clarke and Cordelia Chase. Margo had reached a certain level of economic comfort and owned a somewhat luxurious apartment in which she hosted a party in which Angel ran into Oliver Simon as well as Cordelia. Margo filmed a videotape of the party for Russell Winters, who then chose Cordelia as a victim. Afterward, Margo called Cordelia and told her that Winters wanted to meet her.

Margo was also addicted to pills and an alcoholic. While she was talking to Cordelia on the phone, Margo was drinking and taking pills at the same time.

Behind the scenes

  • She was portrayed by Renee Ridgeley.
  • Margo is described in the episode script as "Tina plus five years of hard living".


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