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Let's be clear about this. Things run differently now. I'm not a little girl. You and I won't be making love on this couch any time soon. Now, with that in mind, how can I help you?
―Marcus Hamilton[src]

Marcus Hamilton was the second liaison to the Senior Partners at the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch and, like Eve, a child of the Senior Partners.[citation needed]


Marcus was one of the children of the Senior Partners, but, unlike Eve, he had not been created recently merely to act as the Senior Partners' liaison. Marcus had been created a long time before, as he had already clashed with Drogyn before he became the guardian of the Deeper Well.[citation needed]

Because Eve urgently sought Angel's protection, Angel and crew at first believed that Marcus had been sent by the Senior Partners to kill her. However, Marcus's assignment was to replace Eve as Angel's liaison to the Senior Partners. Eve viewed this as a death sentence of sorts, since it revoked her eternal youth upon her termination from the Senior Partners' employ.[citation needed]

Having succeeded Eve, Marcus made it clear from the start he was not like her and would not be pushed about as the Senior Partners presumably felt Eve had been. He began closely advising Angel when the latter joined the Circle of the Black Thorn, kidnapping Drogyn to use as a sacrifice during Angel's initiation into the Circle. However, Marcus remained wary of the ensouled vampire, suspecting he might yet betray Wolfram & Hart. With amazing strength surging in his blood, he was able to withstand an attack from Harmony, as well as to defeat the weakened Old One Illyria.[citation needed]

Upon realizing that Angel had been using Harmony to pass bad intel and that his loyalties must, therefore, still be tied to the powers of goodness, Marcus attempted to kill him before he could kill Archduke Sebassis, whom Angel had claimed was his selected target. Having thrown Angel aside after an attempted punch, Marcus stated that he regarded Angel as merely gutter trash who got lucky and became a vampire with a soul, who nevertheless still failed everyone around him (i.e. Doyle, Cordelia, and Fred), asking him if he seriously thought he could kill Sebassis. Angel, however, revealed that he had already killed the Archduke by spiking his drink — the blood of his slave demon —, concluding that Marcus was the one he needed to confront.[citation needed]

During the ensuing struggle, Marcus wondered why Angel continued to fight after signing away his rights to the Shanshu Prophecy, but Angel replied that the people who didn't care would never understand the people who did. Their fight nearly came to an end when Marcus almost staked Angel, but Angel fended him off with the timely help from his son, Connor. Although neither Angel nor Connor could inflict much damage at first, Marcus himself inadvertently revealed the source of his power. Hearing that the strength of the Senior Partners filled Marcus's blood, Angel promptly bit and drank from him. Absorbing the strength and power from his blood gave Angel what he needed to defeat his opponent. Near the end, Marcus asked if Angel really thought he could defeat Wolfram & Hart and the Senior Partners. Angel then punched him in the face with enough force to snap Marcus's neck.[citation needed]

Marcus's death prompted the Senior Partners to rescind Angel's contract with the firm and unleash their punishment. It included an earthquake that destroyed the W&H Los Angeles branch, followed by a horde of demons sent to make an example of Angel and his crew, and eventually turning Angel human again and sending L.A. to hell. During the Fall of Los Angeles, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce replaced his position as Liaison to the Senior Partners.[citation needed]

Powers and abilities

Let me say this as clearly as I can. You cannot beat me. I am a part of them. The Wolf, Ram, and Hart. Their strength flows through my veins. My blood is filled with their ancient power.
―Marcus Hamilton[src]
  • Strength: During his confrontation with Illyria, Marcus quickly got the upper hand and beat her unconscious, albeit after her powers were reduced by the effects of the Mutari generator. He was able to punch completely through the torso of an ordinary human security guard with a single blow.[citation needed]
  • Durability: Marcus was able to withstand a punch to the stomach from Angel. He tossed the vampire around with little effort, though a surprise punch from Connor knocked him through a glass wall. Additionally, he effortlessly resisted Harmony's attempt to snap his neck.[citation needed]
  • Longevity: Marcus possessed some sort of extended lifespan or eternal youth, as he had a history with Drogyn that dated back to the time before the latter was appointed as the keeper of the Deeper Well.[citation needed]
  • Liaison to the Senior Partners: Marcus came to possess Eve's powers (immortality and a psychic link to the Senior Partners) after she signed her duties as liaison to him. This link allowed him to receive messages from them.[citation needed]


  • Combat prowess: Despite his physical power, Marcus relied on his brute strength rather than any sort of fighting skills. Once Angel gained Marcus's level of strength by biting him, Marcus was no match for Angel's fighting abilities.[citation needed]
  • Blood: The source of Marcus's power was his blood. The strength of the Senior Partners ran through it, but it was also his weakness, as any vampire who drank from him would get strength to rival his, for at least a while, which happened when Angel drank from him after he boasted about his power.[citation needed]


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