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Note: This article is about the demon. For the actor, see Marc Blucas.

I will be whole. I will be new.

Marc was the name assumed by an unidentified demon, the last member of the Brotherhood of Seven who posed as a Sunnydale High School student.


I reach into the hat, and out... Comes... Has anybody seen a rabbit?

Under the guise of a Sunnydale High student, Marc participated in the 1997 Talent Show held by Sunnydale High to scout for potential victims while pretending to be an ineffectual amateur magician. He required a human heart and brain to complete the ritual that would allow him to retain his human form for seven more years. His first victim was Emily Djiemanowicz, a dancer whose heart he cut out. When Rupert Giles approached him to ask about Emily, Marc tried to draw Giles' attention to fellow student Morgan Shay, the talent show's ventriloquist.

Marc giles

Marc speaks with Rupert Giles

Afterward, he targeted Morgan himself, removing his brain. However, Marc required healthy organs, and Morgan was suffering from a tumor, forcing Marc to discard the brain and seek a different victim.

With his human form already decaying, Marc targeted Rupert Giles, convincing him to help him with his magic guillotine trick. Marc strapped Giles in the device in a manner that the blade would slice the top of Giles' skull. Marc cut loose the guillotine but was interrupted by the Slayer, Buffy Summers.

As the two fought, Marc reverted to his true demonic visage. Marc was strong enough to corner Buffy, though in doing so he became exposed to Sid, who joined the attack. Marc was kicked into the guillotine and his head cut off when Xander Harris let go of the blade. However, Marc was able to survive decapitation so Sid stabbed him in the heart, killing him and breaking the curse on Sid.

Appearance and Traits[]


Every seven years, Marc's human skin would begin to decay and reveal his demonic visage.

Every seven years these demons need human organs, a-a-a brain and a heart, to maintain their humanity. Otherwise they, they, they revert back to their original form, which is, uh, uh, slightly less appealing.
―Rupert Giles[src]

In his human guise, Marc had the appearance of a tall, caucasian teenager with blond hair. Marc's true form was that of a muscular reptilian humanoid with spotted, scaly skin, pointed, curved teeth, elongated canines and claws.

Marc demon

Marc's true demonic visage

Powers and Abilities[]

It's not enough. He'll come back. You have to get the heart. Then all of this'll be over.

Marc possessed superhuman strength, rivaling that of Buffy. He also had the agility to hold his own in a fight against the Slayer.

Besides his physical power, Marc was capable of resurrecting after being beheaded. He was finally killed when his heart was destroyed.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Burke Roberts.