Maple Court was a street in downtown Sunnydale.

Some of the prominent shops included Sun Cinema, Espresso Pump, Meyer Sports and Tackle, April Fools, Book Stew!, Decker Hardware, Hank's Jr. Liquor Mart and the magic shop originally named "Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet" which was later remodeled as the "Magic Box".

Prominent Events



  • Xander Harris was in confrontation with the zombie Jack O'Toole and his gang.
  • Buffy and Faith stole weapons at Meyer Sports and Tackle.
  • When arriving into the mainstream reality, Vamp Willow found this street boring.
  • Buffy and Angel watched Le Banquet d'Amelia at the Sun Cinema.
  • Because of the fiscal problem her parents had, Cordelia worked at April Fools.
  • Tucker Wells ordered his Hell Hounds to attack April Fools.
  • Angel was poisoned by Faith who shot him with the Killer of the Dead from atop the Sun Cinema.
  • Buffy was seduced by the manipulator Parker Abrams to spend the night together, at the Espresso Pump.
  • Because of the affair between Veruca and Oz, a crying and distracted Willow was saved by Riley Finn from a car.
  • Willow secretly met Angel here, who came to warn of the danger the spirit Hus posed.
  • Angel saw Riley Finn for the first time.
  • Buffy announced her future wedding with Spike to Riley in front of April Fools.
  • During The Gentlemen's crisis, whiteboards with erasable markers were sold here.



  • Olaf the Troll created a wave of panic in the street.
  • The robot April was looking for her ceator Warren Mears.
  • The Scooby Gang used a crazy Tara to find Glory's Tower.
  • The Hellions attack people and destructs many shops when learning the Slayer's death.
  • During Sweet's musical crisis, everyone in the street started singing and dancing.
  • An invisible Buffy and Willow met The Trio for the first time in an Arcade Game Room.


  • Dark Willow exploded the Magic Box.
  • Anyanka and Halfrek had regular discussion on their work at the Espresso Pump.
  • Spike and Xander tried to steal R.J. Brooks's jacket.
  • Under the First Evil's influence, Spike sired a young girl near the Sun Cinema.


  • Magically transformed into Warren Mears, Willow decide to see the Daughters of Gaea, accompagned by Kennedy.
  • After that Xander lost his eye and the death of two Potential Slayers, Buffy walk alone here, desperate by Caleb's invicibility.
  • Like the majority of Sunnydale fearing the bad vibrations from The First Evil, all people left Maple Court. For example, the manager of Expresso Pump close the door. Buffy speak with the demon Clem for the last time.

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale following the Battle at the Hellmouth.

Behind the Scenes

  • The street's name was shown in the Magic Box's yellow pages ad.
  • In the DVD commentaries the producers admit that it's a fairly small street (about the length of the football field) and they've got to use a variety of camera tricks to make it appear longer when necessary.
  • This location was featured in one of the levels of Chaos Bleeds.


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