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Maple Court was a commercial street in Sunnydale. It included the shops Sun Cinema, Meyer Sport & Tackle, Hank's Jr. Liquor Mart, Decker Hardware, Book Stew!, Big Ears Records, Magic Box, April Fool, Espresso Pump, Quinntronics, and Sunnydale Securities Bank;[1] as well as a residential building.[2]

Prominent events[]


  • After Willow missed meeting with Buffy at the Espresso Pump, the two reconciled at the same place.[3]
  • Many adults, reversed to their teenage selves due to cursed Milkbar, wreaked havoc at the Espresso Pump.[4]
  • Faith walked with Buffy and told her of her past.[5]
  • Buffy, Angel, and Spike were attacked by Lenny and his vampire gang.[6]
  • After Cordelia made a wish the the vengeance demon Anyanka, a new reality was created in which Maple Court had most of its shops closed.[7]
  • On Christmas Eve, the First Evil harassed Angel in Daniel's form. In the morning, Angel and Buffy walked the street covered in snow.[8]


  • Xander drove through the street while in confrontation with Jack O'Toole's gang of zombies.[9]
  • Buffy and Faith stole weapons at Meyer Sport & Tackle, where the police intercepted them.[10]
  • Mayor Wilkins gifted Faith an apartment in Maple Court for her to live.[11]
  • When arriving from the Wishverse into this reality, vampire Willow found the street boring.[11]
  • Buffy and Angel watched Le Banquet d'Amelia at the Sun Cinema.[12]
  • Because of the fiscal problem her parents had, Cordelia began working at April Fool.[13]
  • Tucker Wells ordered his hellhounds to attack April Fool.[14]
  • Faith killed Lester Worth in his apartment under the Mayor's orders.[2]
  • Faith shot Angel from atop the Sun Cinema, poisoning him with the Killer of the Dead.[2]
  • Buffy and Faith fought in the latter's apartment, and Faith escaped by throwing herself on a truck passing by Maple Court.[2]
  • Buffy was seduced by Parker Abrams at the Espresso Pump to spend the night together.[15]
  • While crossing the street, a crying and distracted Willow was saved by Riley from a car.[16]
  • Angel met Willow by the Espresso Pump who came secretly to warn of the danger Hus posed, but was distracted by seeing Riley talking to Buffy.[17]
  • Buffy admired a wedding dress at April Fool then announced her future wedding with Spike to Riley.[18]
  • Whiteboards with erasable markers were sold here during the Gentlemen's crisis.[19]




  • Willow, drowned in dark magic, destroyed the Magic Box while fighting Buffy[32] then Giles.[33]
  • Anyanka and Halfrek had regular discussion on their work at the Espresso Pump.[34][35]
  • Spike and Xander stole the enchanted Brooks letterman jacket from R.J.[36]
  • Under the First Evil's influence, Spike sired a woman near the Sun Cinema.[37]


  • Magically transformed into Warren, Willow decided to see the Daughters of Gaea, accompanied by Kennedy.[38]
  • Buffy walked alone here, witnessing the people leaving Maple Court. The Expresso Pump had its door closed and Buffy spoke with Clem while he drove away from Sunnydale.[39]
  • Giles drove the school bus with the surviving Scoobies and Slayers after the battle at the Hellmouth, while Buffy ran from the destruction of Sunnydale by jumping though the buildings of Maple Court.[40]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The street's name was shown in the Magic Box's yellow pages ad. in episode "Shadow."
  • In the DVD commentaries, the producers admit that it's a fairly small street (about the length of the football field) and they've got to use a variety of camera tricks to make it appear longer when necessary.
  • Production designer Carey Meyer has described the development of the street: "The only thing here before I started was a palm tree. Joss [Whedon] had always talked about having a little backyard or a Sunnydale main street [so] I keyed off the Edward Hopper painting of the diner [Nighthawks] and did an illustration of [the Espresso Pump] that looked very much like the Edward Hopper painting. We created this as a little set that had some views out and created little pieces of backings so that we could shoot inside here, looking out at what would one day become our back lot. Then from there through season three, we just kept adding little facades and plugging up little spaces until we [ended up with] this whole little street back here. But it took a full season for that to take place."[41]