I am Manjet. Sacred guardian of the Shen, keeper of the Orb of Ma'at, and devotee of light. Off-hours, I like "Manny".

Manjet, also known as "Manny", was the third totem of the Ra-Tet. Manny represented noon and the potential of every human soul, and was neither benevolent nor malevolent. As the middle totem, he was not only neutral but he was also the only one with no special abilities, except for immortality. The only functions of Manny were to keep an orb for Ma'at and to guard the "Shen".

Cordelia Chase (under the possession of Jasmine) opened his skull to retrieve The Orb of Ma'at, stored in Manjet's head, which was subsequently eaten by the Beast in 2002 as part of a ritual which would block out the sun.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Jack Kehler.
  • He is the only "neutral" totem of the Ra-Tet and marks Ra's Evening Journey across the sky in the forging of the light of the sun
  • He does not have a loyalty to the other totems of the sky which were selected by Ra to serve as guardians of the Orb of Ma'at which is what provides the sun with sunlight.
  • He was also sex maniac, much to Gwen Raiden's annoyance.


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