Mandraz was a demon unwittingly summoned by Willow Rosenberg during one of her dark magic-induced "trips".


Mandraz first appeared in two hallucinations Willow suffered when Rack got her high on magic. After her second trip to Rack's, Willow and Dawn Summers departed and were confronted by the real Mandraz, who claimed that Willow summoned him, though Willow didn't remember doing so. Though it was Willow who summoned him, Mandraz tried to kill Dawn, slashing her face and tasting her blood. During their escape, Willow broke into a car and drove it using magic, but ended up crashing it right into a wall. Willow came out relatively unharmed, but Dawn suffered a severe head injury and a broken arm. Badly injured and weakened, Dawn was unable to defend herself against the still-attacking Mandraz, who threw her against a wall. Just as he moved in for the kill, however, Buffy Summers and Spike, having heard Dawn's screams, arrived on the scene. While Spike tended to the injured Dawn, Buffy fought Mandraz, who put up quite a fight. Ultimately, he was killed when the revived Willow magically incinerated him.

Powers and Abilities

Super strength: Mandraz possessed superhuman strenght above that of a vampire and equal to that of a Slayer. He was able to overpower Buffy in a fight, using brute force alone.

Razor-sharp fingernails: he had sharp nails that allowed him to cut Dawn face.


Behind the scenes

  • He was portrayed by Fleming Brooks.
  • Mandraz was not named in the episode, but was identified in the credits and shooting script.
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