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Malloy was a human politician, president of the United States Government during the San Francisco’s tsunami crisis.


As president, Malloy created the department of the supernatural, and proposed a mandatory census of all magical individuals in the United States of America. With the state of fear and violence that followed, secretary of the supernatural Ophelia Reyes announced the Supernatural Crisis Act, in which made obligatory a relocation of supernatural beings to a temporary Safe Zone.[1] Press secretary Joanna Wise then announced a safe reintegration of its residents, now with their supernatural energy drained.[2]

Despite the Pandora Project had government members involved, such as the press secretary, the secretary of the supernatural, and the vice president of the United States, Malloy was kept in the dark as just a figurehead.[3]

After the Scooby Gang defeated Joanna Wise and her Project in secrecy, Malloy made a public announcement crediting agents Riley and Samantha Finn for exposing the conspiracy. He also declared that his administration was reviewing the policies regarding the supernatural, under the supervision of the couple.[4]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Due to the political tone of Buffy Season 11 and its debut’s proximity to the 2016 American presidential elections, writer Christos Gage cleared that “the President in Buffyverse is not anyone who exits in our world.” Answering it was a male president, he added: “I know, I jinxed it,” in reference to his preference to candidate Hillary Clinton instead of elected president Donald Trump.[5]