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Buffy: “Guess you're kinda sore on me for dusting your snakey girlfriend.
Malik: “You're formidable prey, Slayer, but now, you face a truly worthy adversary.
— Buffy and Malik[src]

Malik was a vampire and lieutenant of the Order of Aurelius.


Malik was an ancient Vampire Master who originated from Tibet.[1]

In 1998, he and his lover Scylla were recruited by Spike when he reformed the Order of Aurelius. During a raid at Sunnydale High School, he attacked Rupert Giles before Buffy Summers entered the room and fought him. He then left mid-battle, stealing a book on chanting from Giles' collection before escaping through the skylight. This book was used to summon the Old One Laibach of the Abyss. He later was present during the resurrection of the Master and the death of Scylla at the hands of the slayer. After failing to protect Urd, one in a trio of demons that the Master needed in creating a gateway from hell, the Master threatened both Malik and Spike, claiming that he would brutally torture them for months before he would get bored and would then have to personally rip out their spins.

To take out the slayer and her cohorts, Malik planned another raid at Sunnydale High so that he could plant a bomb in the boiler room. Buffy stopped the bomb and came face to face with him in the school's quad. Already mad at the death of his girlfriend, he turned into a were-sabertooth tiger and attacked. Buffy seemingly defeated him when she threw a stake into his heart. Interestingly he did not disintegrate into dust as vampires normally do. Buffy concluded that may be because his "inner animal was more possum than tiger". Just as she turned her back, Malik got up and charged for her, having played dead. Before he could touch her, Spike from behind her threw a wooden spear at him which dusted Malik successfully. Spike then defected to Buffy's side.


Bad Pussy. Never did care much for cats... shape-shifting like that, sometime the heart isn't in the same place. Gotta be more persistent... and sometimes, you just need a longer shaft.
Malik tiger

Malik's tiger form

Malik had long black hair and full body tattoos. Like Scylla, he was skilled in basic magic, and could change his shape. His alternate form was a were-sabertooth tiger, a powerful beast that could not be beaten to the ground and could teleport over short distances. When he began to teleport, he appeared to become intangible for brief instances, leaving him unharmed by Buffy's attacks.

It seemed regular stakes could not kill him but a straight spear did the job. Spike claimed that Buffy's method couldn't work because, as a shapeshifter, his heart might've been located in a different area in his anatomy or, simply, she just needed a longer shaft. Given that Spike's spear went through where his heart would normally be, it is more likely the latter than the former.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Malik is the word for "king" in many Arab nations.


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