Mai (last name unknown) was a Slayer working for Deepscan.

Together with Faith she was sent to guard Deepscan client Billy Rage. After Faith blew the mission, Mai told Nell and Holly that the mission didn't go wrong because Faith choked out but because she didn't do her homework, thinking that Faith, an "A-list Slayer", felt she didn't need to do her homework.

When Deepscan was hired to find the missing Walt Zane, Riley Finn and Samantha Finn in the jungle of South America, Mai was assigned on the mission, and joined Tonia Marsh' unit together with Faith and several other Slayers. While there, Mai got Faith to open up about what happened between her and Riley in the past, and instructed her on how to properly fire a gun.

When Tonia was killed by a group of evolved vampires, Mai pointed out that Faith was now the leader of the unit.

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