Magnus Hainsley was a rich and powerful member of the Los Angeles elite as well as a powerful Necromancer. He provided demons with dead human bodies to inhabit, using himself as a conduit to "install" them. He was also a client of Wolfram & Hart who became angry after Angel had the firm strip him of his possessions and shut down the organ acquisition department that he had come to depend on for his work. He owns a respectable block of shares in Wolfram & Hart and he's connected up the wazoo. He carries influence with power players in the entertainment industry and politics.

In an attempt to regain his old resources, he made a deal with Spike (currently trapped in a ghost-like state after his battle with The First) where he would transfer Spike into Angel's body and Spike would subsequently return his belongings to him. However, this was part of a plan concocted by Angel and Spike. Recognizing that neither of them could fight Hainsley due to his command of the dead, they took advantage of Hainsley's need to use himself as a conduit by tricking him into transferring Spike.

Once inside Hainsley's body, Spike remained within, exerting enough control over the body to restrict Hainsley's ability to use his powers, allowing Angel to kill him while Spike was in control by throwing him head-first into a stone table. Spike did, however, use the advantage of having a body to briefly fight Angel himself after Hainsley was killed before Angel decapitated the corpse.

Angel also killed his butler.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • He was portrayed by Victor Raider-Wexler.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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