Magnus Bryce was a shrewd and rich businessman ranked high among the Los Angeles elite as well as the father of Virginia Bryce.

Biography Edit

Secretly Magnus was a Wizard, which led him to decide that he would sacrifice his daughter in exchange for power, from a Davric Demon named Yeska. However, his rival Paul Lanier tried to prevent this and sent assassins to kill Virginia before the ritual could take place. Manus decided to hire a bodyguard, and  selected Angel, because he knew that the Romani curse would eliminate any chance of Angel taking his daughter's virginity.

Magnus sent one of his thugs to Angel. However, it was really Wesley Wyndam-Pryce who accepted the job. Virginia and Wesley talked about how she wanted freedom from the prison her father created for her and eventually the two ended up sleeping together. Meanwhile, the Swami that Angel had been sent to spoke with Paul Lanier over the phone, and revealed that the Angel protecting Virginia Bryce was an imposter.

Lanier subsequently informed Bryce that there was a fake protecting Virginia, specifically a bodyguard who was able to have sex with his virgin daughter. After what the Swami had done was revealed, Cordelia Chase travelled to the Bryce home, but before she could rescue Wesley, Virginia found out that he was not really Angel. At his birthday party, Bryce began the sacrificial ritual, but Angel and his associates interrupted. Yeska appeared, but refused to take Virginia as a sacrifice because she was not a virgin. Furious about her father's actions, Virginia punched him and disassociated herself from him, revealing that she hadn't been a virgin since she was sixteen.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Todd Susman.

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