"Magical Mystery Tour, Featuring the Beetles" is a comic story published as a supplemental e-comic tying in to Season Eight and Season Nine.


Spike and his bug crew chase a giant demon through space. When the bugs inform Spike that their chase would take about a thousand (and a half) hours, Spike impulsively decides to fire what he believes to be a weapon. Although the bugs reveals that it is a device used to impregnate Space Whales, it nevertheless destroys the demon.

Through the destruction of the creature, the spaceship becomes covered in demon goo and their return to Earth was delayed. In the 62 days that Spike is stuck on the ship, he named the bugs, reads bug literature, teaches the bugs about Earth poetry (using his poem for Cecily as an example), helps them deliver their offspring, re-decorats the ship's interior (using the legs the bugs keep shedding), chaperones them on a dance with other alien bugs, as well as various other activities. 

The ship later arrives on Earth, where it lands on a park close to where Buffy is. Upon exiting the ship, Spike barks at nearby bystanders. He is soon spotted by Buffy, who asks if he's staying for good this time, to which the vampire only replies that he only came to get a few things (toothbrush, pizza, and a change of underwear). But no need to rush, he says, looking up to the sky, since his crew can wait.


The story takes place between "Last Gleaming, Part Four" and "Last Gleaming, Part Five".



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  • Outer space

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Spike - "Only a week down and I already feel the tickling of other voices in the corners of my eyes. Oh, Dru, is this what it was like inside your beautiful head?"

Spike - "Your purpose is to return me to Earth as soon as possible and leave me there!"