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The Magic Council, also called the Mystical Council, was an ensemble of representative beings from various species (demons, mystics, deities) created to protect and preserve the magic on Earth.[1]


First Council[]

Without a conduit to the hell dimensions, beings who have power in this realm are few. We all must band together to protect what little mystical energy is left. Witches, demons, mystics, deities...
Tree witch[src]

The Council was first assembled during the end of magic, to protect and preserve what little mystical energy remained, as well as combat the growing threat of Severin, "the Siphon." As he had stolen magic from many demons, his powers growing unchecked was a threat to the natural order of things, and he'd eventually come after all last beings with magic. For this task, the Council voted in favor of recruiting Buffy Summers and the Nitobe demon Eldre Koh, since both had dealt with Severin before. The Slayer refused to join the group but accepted the battle.[1]

During the negotiation, the present Council members were Illyria, D'Hoffryn, the Brahma, a balloon demon, a tree witch, a leaf blower demon, a wizard, and a witch.[1] The Council also had many other recruits at their call.[2]

Buffy discovered Severin was using the Council to attract Illyria and target her time travel powers. His intentions of undoing the past would be an even greater damage to the Earth,[3] leading to an apocalypse. Once Severin got to rob Illyria's powers, the others members fled and regrouped without Buffy, Koh, and Illyria due to their failed mission.[4]

The Magic Council went on to guard the entrances to the Deeper Well, since it held untold amount of magic inside. Buffy, Willow, and Xander attempted to enter it to get enough energy to save Dawn from disappearing. Guarding the place against Severin, D'Hoffryn reminded Buffy that their job was to protect magic from everyone, so a battle started.[2] Meanwhile, Severin and the rogue slayer Simone Doffler were able to sneak into the Well after finding and killing the lone balloon demon in the other entrance.[5]

During the battle, Willow killed the leaf blower demon. Illyria and Koh arrived as reinforcements, joining Buffy's side, but Xander revealed he had betrayed her and knew the Siphon's plans. The Council granted the Scoobies entrance to the Well so they could help defeat the common threat, but with the Brahma securing Xander as hostage. Buffy denied helping against Severin, saying her sister came first and they could manage it without her, and jumped with Willow into the Well.[5]

Most members of the Council perished in the fight against Maloker in the Deeper Well,[6] with only D'Hoffryn[7] and the Brahma as the known survivors.[8]

Second Council[]

We of the Council hail from varied pantheons, possessing a wide range of interests and priorities. Often conflicting ones. You may be assured none of us will let another abuse their privileges. If they do, a simple majority strips them of their seat... and the power that accompanies it.

Following the restoration of magic, the Council reformed with D'Hoffryn and a new group of supernatural beings to keep the world in check as the new rules were established.[8] To ensure that the new rules were adhered to without making any of the members too powerful, Buffy and the Scooby Gang created a series of rules where each member of the Council would have a particular ability that they could use against those who would threaten the balance, but that ability would be tied to their position rather than the individual themselves.[9] They were also in alliance with Theo Daniels and Lake Stevens to find a way to close the dimensional portals when the Earth was invaded by thousands of dangerous creatures.[8]

However, it was later revealed that D'Hoffryn had worked in a crucial clause to the rules of the Council, in the form of a loophole that another member would inherit the powers of a Council member if they were killed until a replacement could be appointed, thus allowing him to eliminate the rest of the Council and take their powers for himself.[10]

Third Council[]

Looking back, we never should've turned to the Council. They weren't even human, and they were making decisions that affected humanity. But I liked having other opinions, y'know?
Buffy Summers[src]

Following D'Hoffryn's death, a new magic council was formed. Headed by Buffy, the Council became Earth's premiere organization balancing the interests of the world's magical communities, overseeing the highly powerful Vampyr book and acting as a sort of government.[11]

To prevent the mistakes of the previous council, Buffy elected members from her own side as well as supernatural creatures in order to create a fair and balanced committee. This included herself as president, Rupert Giles as vice president, Riley Finn representing human military and Willow representing human magic users. Supernatural creatures were represented by Count Dracula, Archduchess Venobia, Lucky Cat, Cedric the Slime Man, and a skeleton.[11]


First Council[]


The Council members (allies or recruits) present during the first negotiation with Buffy[1] are listed below, but the Council also had many other members at their call.[2]

Second Council[]


Third Council[]

Third Council