M. James Menlo was a very big demon with long dark hair and a beard which mostly covered his face, which was grey and very wrinkled, and big forehead.

Menlo was a specialist in explosives with a talent to open safes. As a result, he was wanted by the police. He organized an attempt to steal the Shroud of Rahmon.

When affected by the Shroud of Rahmon, Menlo and Vyasa fought over it. Vyasa punched Menlo, who fell and hit his head on a contraption. Before dying, he shot Vyasa in the head.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was played by W. Earl Brown.
  • Menlo was one of the very few demons featured on either show to use a gun. Other examples being Darla, Griff, Adam and the Hellions.
  • Menlo was very similar in appearance to the Klingons from the Star Trek series.
  • Despite being a demon, Menlo had a human name, used modern weaponry and tools like guns and explosives, and was known to the LAPD with a record of mundane crimes. He appeared to be fully assimilated into human culture, similar to Samuel Larch or Mr. Trick.

Appearance Edit

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