M'Fashnik was a mercenary demon that perform acts of slaughter and mayhem for the highest bidder.

The Trio hired a M'Fashnik demon to create a diversion while they robbed a local bank. Buffy Summers, in the bank to apply for a loan, fought the demon. Eager for a rematch, the M'Fashnik would not accept money as payment from the trio, wanting only to know where to find the slayer. The M'Fashnik tracked Buffy to her house, ambushing her and Spike on the porch. He was finally killed in Buffy's basement as it flooded.

As speculated by Dawn and confimed by Giles, the name of the demon is not pronounced Muh-Fashnik, but rather Mmm-Fashnik, "like 'Mmm, cookies.'"

Behind the Scenes


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