A Lycanthropus Exterus

Lycanthropus exterus. Undocumented in North America... until now, obviously.
Evan Royce[src]

Lycanthropus Exterus (Latin for "Foreign Wolfman" or "Foreign lycanthrope") was a breed of werewolf. They were undocumented in North America until Angel faced and killed McManus.

Physiology Edit

How is it different from a standard werewolf?
Winifred Burkle[src]

Unlike common werewolves, the Exterus breed was biped, walking partially upright. It had a more canine-like head, with an elongated snout, longer canines and arms, while its body was not as furry as common werewolves.

After death, the body of a Lycanthropus Exterus reverted to human form.They would transform at moonrise, and remain in wolf form until moonset. This was both in contrast with the common werewolf, which remained in wolf form after death and transformed at sunset until sunrise.

Known Lycanthropus Exterus Edit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The appearance of the Lycanthropus Exterus resembles the original appearance of the common werewolf as originally seen in "Phases".
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