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"Lurconis dwells beneath the city, filth to filth".
Rupert Giles[src]

Lurconis, whose name means Glutton, was a large snake-like demon dwelling in the sewers of Sunnydale and one of the dark forces behind Richard Wilkins' rise to power. Every thirty years, a tribute was made to Lurconis by its followers which consisted of a ritual feeding of babies.

Lurconis had four vampire followers at the ritual, possibly those who mediated between their master and Richard Wilkins.  Two were slain by Buffy, one was eaten by Lurconis himself, either in anger or hunger.  Buffy Summers killed[1] Lurconis by setting him on fire with a broken gas pipe. As Lurconis died, it retreated into into the sewer tunnels, its head engulfed in flames. Mayor Wilkins was not pleased with Mr. Trick for getting Lurconis killed, but Trick defended himself by saying that at least it was one less demon he had to pay tribute to.

Ritual prayer to Lurconis[]

Lucronis adventet.
Lucronis satietur.
Lucronis vetustate miliorum daemonum,
novus alitus carne novorum,
potens alitus precibus potentium.
Lucronis hodie epuletur
et clemens nobis utatur.
Lucronis exsistat
ut dona nostra edat illaque
in carnem suam vertat.
Lucronis adventet.


Lurconis come near.
Lurconis be sated.
Lurconis with the
age of a thousand demons,
kept young by the flesh of the young,
kept strong by the devotions of the strong.
Lurconis feast this day
and treat us with mercy.
Lurconis emerge
to consume what we offer
and make it of his flesh.
Lurconis come near.



  1. The "Band Candy" shooting script describes Lurconis as emitting its dying screams. The Mayor also acts as if he was killed