But it wasn't what I wanted. It was what I said I wanted but, I guess it wasn't what I really wanted.

Lulu was a woman who Anya Jenkins attempted to get a vengeful wish against her boyfriend, only to counsel her into forgiving him instead.


At the Espresso Pump, Anya attempted to get Lulu to make a wish in revenge for her boyfriend of six years supposedly forgetting for her birthday. As they talked, Lulu revealed she had told she didn't want anything for her 30th birthday, since getting older was a sensitive topic for her. Learning this, the vengeance demon accidentally counselled Lulu into forgiving the boyfriend instead, and Lulu left to get a pinata for herself.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • She was portrayed by Beth Skipp.
  • Her scene in "Help" was cut due to length,[2] but she was credited in the episode nonetheless.


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