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Luke was a Sunnydale High School student who kidnapped Cordelia Chase in 2019.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the night of the Halloween school dance, Luke's left him home alone with money for pizza and a note suggesting him to consider going to the dance. The money and the note were still in the same place in the following night, despite the cracked walls of the house due to the Hellmouth activation. Luke sat in his computer at the basement, looking at the pictures of those who attended the dance and the school burning afterwards. He said out loud: "All of 'em are gonna pay for this..."[1]

In the morning, Luke approached Cordelia asking for help, who was in her way to school. He then pushed her into his cellar and locked her up. At night, his classmate Rose Martinez went the house to give him his homework assignments, but she found Cordelia bounded and gagged at the basement. As Rose attempted to free her, Luke soon appeared and attacked her as well. He told Rose that she liked her but he was sorry, she couldn't leave after seeing too much.[2]

Cordelia defended her by pushing him, which angered him to call them "bullies" and "sluts". Cordelia told him he was a "pathetic crybaby" who made her hear all day about him not being able to get a date to the Halloween dance. In the fight, Rose armed herself with gardening shears, stabbing him when he moved to use a hammer against Cordelia, who then punched him. Luke fell down, but grabbed Rose's ankle before they left. He told them the three of them were going to have "so much fun" together. Suddenly Kendra Young appeared, followed by Robin Wood, and the Slayer threw a brick on his head, making Luke fall again unconscious.[2]

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