My body is your instrument.

Luke was a vampire, a member of the Order of Aurelius and the leading acolyte of The Master during the Harvest in 1997.


Fear is like an elixir. It's almost like blood.

Early life

Luke was sired sometime prior to 1843 when he lost a fight to an enemy who caught him sleeping. He claimed he had not lost a fight since that time, earning such a reputation that the Master considered the fact that someone had survived a fight with Luke as strong evidence that the individual was the Slayer.

The Harvest

In 1997, Luke was greeted by the Master after his rest that lasted for three score years. Luke also encountered the current Slayer Buffy Summers when she was fighting two other members of the Order, Darla and Thomas. With Thomas dead and Darla having found Buffy too tough, Luke took over where he demonstrated that he was stronger than she was. Just as he closed in to bite her, he was forced off of her when he came into contact with her cross necklace, given to her by Angel.

Luke was chosen as the Vessel for The Master, where he would feed on victims and thus channel their strength into the Master in preparation for his escape from his prison. During that night, known as the Harvest, Luke lead a team of vampires to take the Bronze hostage, supplying him with enough patrons to feed. Just before he could bite Cordelia Chase, Buffy arrived and fought Luke once again. In the end, she managed to defeat him, catching him off-guard by shattering a window and claiming that the sun was out. Luke instinctively attempted to shield himself (even screaming out in pain), despite the fact that the sun was not due to rise for another nine hours, allowing Buffy to stake him, disrupting the ritual and keeping the Master imprisoned.

Powers and abilities

Luke is the Vessel! Every soul he takes will feed me.
―The Master[src]

Luke possessed the regular powers and weaknesses of common vampires. Due to his advanced age, however, he was stronger and more agile than other vampires, thus capable of holding his own against a Slayer.

After becoming the Vessel, Luke shared a mystical link to the Master, which allowed the Master to draw strength from each person Luke fed on during the Harvest.

Behind the Scenes

  • His human face was never shown.


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