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Lucy Hanover was a Slayer active in Virginia after the American Civil War. She was then known as the Spirit World Guardian.


Lucy was born in 1849 in Virginia. She became the Slayer in 1864 as a fifteen year old during the American Civil War.[citation needed]

In 1865, she disappeared with her lover Erl King Hern the Hunter during the Wild Hunt for three weeks. She gave up part of her essence to her lover and they had a son named Roland. Afterward, she returned to her watcher.[1]

In Virginia, in 1866, she heard that widows of the Civil War were turning up missing. The disappearances stopped when she set up camp in a graveyard.[2][3]

In the same year, she was killed by the Wanderer of Water.[citation needed]

After her death, Lucy's spirit remained on the "Ghost Roads" between life and death helping lost souls.[citation needed] Her ghost has been known to take human form to join Buffy Summers in battle, assisting her in confronting such spiritually-dangerous foes as: the immortal vampire Veronique,[4] the Old One Ky-Laag,[5] and the Aztec bat-god Camazotz.[6] She helped as well spiritually-displaced Willow and Buffy to return to their bodies after near-death experiences.[7]



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