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Lucien was a vampire who had been around for hundreds of years and was loyal to the Master. Lucien was also a skilled sorcerer.

Background[edit | edit source]

Lucien was a vampire who had been around since the fourteen hundreds and was known as a skilled sorcerer who could create his own spells. In the 1940s he joined the Order of Aurelius and became one of the Master's most devout followers. After Buffy killed the Master and destroyed his bones, Lucien became determined to get him back.

Attempt to revive the Master[edit | edit source]

In order to travel back in time to change the past, Lucien stole two artifacts called the Gem of Chargulgaak and the Blade of Madrigon which both had to do with time travel and created a unique artifact from the two combined that along with spells he created, allowed him and anyone with him to travel through time. Lucien attempted to convince the Master to delay the attempt to open the Hellmouth in 1937, but failed as the Master didn't know him at that time. To try to stop the Master's fall from power, Lucien and his two minions Victor and Jason attempted to change time by killing Buffy Summers as a fourteen year old and then as a three year old, but only succeeded in creating futures where the Master was still dead by different means and they still lost. After consulting a demon that knew a lot about prophecies, Lucien and his minions reversed killing Buffy and set out to change the Slayer line by killing past Slayers before their time. The first attempt failed due to Buffy and the Scooby Gang intervening and Jason was killed and Lucien captured. Later attempts resulted in the death of Victor as well, but the last attempt succeeded as Buffy was forced to stake Angelus in order to take out the last assassin and without Angel to warn the Scoobies of Lucien's plans, he succeeded and the Master rose and opened the Hellmouth. After the Scoobies set everything right, Buffy threw Lucien into a bright spot of sunlight in the library where he'd been kept captive, killing him.

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