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Lowell House was a fraternity house at UC Sunnydale; it was originally known as the Lowell Home for Children, a home for orphan adolescents ran by Genevieve Holt between 1949 and 1960.

The Initiative's secret research lab was built below Lowell House and many agents lived in the house.

The frat boys are Riley Finn, Forrest Gates and Graham Miller. When the orphans' raw emotions in the form of the poltergeist haunt the Lowell house, they shave girls' hair, drown their victims in the bathtub by "baptizing" and possess them by seducing them. The Lowell House ghosts were able to affect the behavior of the party goers that reflect their sexual repression such as making Willow and Tara separate in disgust of each other when sitting close, making a "spin the bottle" game participant cut her hair in guilt, possess humans like Julie and Graham Miller and causing other strange occurrences like to create a cold climate in the room, the fire of the fireplace throwing itself on a student, the walls impregnated of carnal energy provoking orgasm to those who touches it, a bottle which turns by telekinesis to the point to explode, manipulated strips to attach Spike to a chair, a violent ejection on Xander when he tries to return inside, and a massive growth of vines and a local earthquake at the house as well as forcing Xander into a filled bathtub, drowning him like how the orphans were "baptized". It was thwarted by Xander and Anya when Buffy and Riley are having sex.


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