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Lowell House exterior.

Lowell House was a fraternity house at UC Sunnydale; it was originally known as the Lowell Home for Children, a home for up to 40 orphan adolescents who are runaways, juvenile delinquents and emotionally disturbed teenagers ran by Genevieve Holt between 1949 and 1960.

The Initiative secret research lab was built below Lowell House and many agents lived in the house, including Riley Finn, Forrest Gates, and Graham Miller.

When the orphans' raw emotions in the form of the poltergeist haunt the Lowell house, they shave girls' hair, drown their victims in the bathtub by "baptizing" and possess them by seducing them. The Lowell House ghosts were able to affect the behavior of the party goers that reflect their sexual repression such as making Willow and Tara separate in disgust of each other when sitting close, making a "spin the bottle" game participant cut her hair in guilt, possess humans like Julie and Graham Miller and causing other strange occurrences like to create a cold climate in the room, the fire of the fireplace throwing itself on a student, the walls impregnated of carnal energy provoking orgasm to those who touches it, a bottle which turns by telekinesis to the point to explode, manipulated strips to attach Spike to a chair, a violent ejection on Xander when he tries to return inside, and a massive growth of vines and a local earthquake at the house as well as forcing Xander into a filled bathtub, drowning him like how the orphans were "baptized". It was thwarted by Xander and Anya when Buffy and Riley are having sex.


Since 1949 until 1960, Genevieve Holt ran the Lowell Home for Children, a home for up to 40 wayward teenagers and adolescents who are runaways, juvenile delinquents, and emotionally disturbed teenagers. She gave them hugs and praises when the orphans were "good," but punished them when they were "dirty." Ms. Holt considered the girls as more vain than the boys of the house after she caught them preening their hair in the mirror, so she had "the temptation" of their hair hacked and cut off. When she considered the teenagers "the most unclean," she tended to "baptize" them by holding their heads underwater.

In 2000, the Lowell Home for Children had became a fraternity house. While Buffy Summers and Riley Finn were having sex, a cluster of poltergeists born out of the orphans' intense adolescent emotion and sexually repressed energy formed during Genevieve's repression kept manipulating them into doing it. The poltergeists started escalating things, first by causing a cold climate then by throwing fire at one of the frat brothers.

During a party, a man touches the wall, which causes him to feel confused. Xander breaks up with Anya to be all by himself. He discovers a picture of the Lowell house back in 1962 as he meets Julie. Willow and Tara had a talk, but while they put hands on each other and sitting close, they back away in disgust while under the poltergeists' influence. While playing spin the bottle, Xander spins the bottle and it lands on Julie. As they kiss, Julie seduces Xander by jumping on and kissing him. As he pushed her, she apologizes and runs off crying, then hacking her hair off in guilt like what happened to one of the orphans. Willow goes into the bathroom to comfort Tara and washes her face with only water, but hears a sound. She opens the curtain to see the male orphan drowning. She reaches to the body and tries to save him, but to no avail. He teleports right behind Willow as she screams. As Willow, Tara and Xander talk, a man spins the bottle, while under the influence of the poltergeist, as it spins faster and faster as it explodes via telekinesis. They try to get Buffy and Riley's attention, but the vines, manipulated by the poltergeists, block the way. As the house starts to shake, Spike was stuck on the straps on the chair he was sitting on. Forrest tries to warn Graham, but he is now possessed and is forced to say a chant. The former says "Right." and he forces Graham to press the handprint. The shaking stops as the female orphan runs screaming and runs through Anya. She turns around adn the orphan is gone. The house shakes again, but when Xander comes with Willow and Tara, the poltergeist causes the objects to be thrown at them. As Julie is the last one to escape, Xander tries to re-enter, but is thrown by the poltergeist.

Teaming up with Giles, Tara and Willow recite a exorcism to stop the poltergeists while Xander and Anya stop the vines. The orphans appear, the wind blows while the girls and Giles do a chant and a table is thrown, leaving the orphans gone. While chopping the vines, Xander is landed into the bathroom where the door slams, leaving him to have his head held under water, seeing the orphans. Anya goes to the bathroom and stops the poltergeist from drowning him. As they try to stop the vines, the vines hit them back. As they open the door, they see Riley and Buffy, no longer under the influence of the poltergeists, annoyed by them interrupting their sex.