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Love Dares You, Part Two is the twelfth issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten comic book series. Joss Whedon is the executive producer.


Buffy and her crew are on the cusp of some monumental relationship stuff, but entanglements are waylaid when they're forced to fight a new evil and the flesh homunculi he creates...[1]


  • Buffy and Spike recall their relationship before he had a soul, which began in "Smashed" and ended in "As You Were".
  • Spike reveals he is aware of Xander and Buffy's conversation in Retreat, Part Three, and her sexual encounter with Satsu ("Wolves at the Gate").
  • Spike mentions Angel working as a private investigator, and his sexual encounter with Buffy in Twilight, Part Three.
  • Buffy recalls her time as a Doublemeat Palace employee.
  • Buffy and Spike, knocking the walls in Xander and Spike's apartment, mirrors their first sexual encounter in "Smashed".
  • Giles, Xander, and Dawn play Pimp Slap IV, the same game as in "New Rules".
  • Buffy and Spike have sex for the first time since "As You Were", being their first time after he got his soul ("Grave"). The two were last seen together as such in Buffy's imagination in Last Gleaming, and they had slept together in "Chosen".
  • Spike admits to himself being "afraid of falling asleep 'cause [Buffy] might not be here when" he wakes up. Buffy herself had suffered of such situation with Angel ("Innocence") and Parker ("The Harsh Light of Day"). Riley was the first to be on her side ("The I in Team"), followed by Spike ("Wrecked"), though still an evil creature and having a troublesome relationship with Buffy.
  • While Buffy is sleeping, Spike says "Nothin' could ruin this", reminiscent to Buffy and Angel's dialog in bedroom in "I Will Remember You".
  • Spike's nightmare in which he feeds on a couple is reminiscent of Angel's nightmares in "Somnambulist". Both ensouled and working on the good side, they are regardless haunted by visions of been turning back to their latent evil, sadistic and bloodthirsty selves.



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  • The tile "Love Dares You" is based on a verse from Queen and David Bowie's song "Under Pressure".


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Spike: "I am such a wanker."
- Love Dares You, Part Two
Spike: "You're already the luckiest man in the world. Just be bloody happy. Nothing could ruin this."
- Love Dares You, Part Two