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Los Angeles. You see it at night and it shines. Like a beacon. People are drawn to it. People and other things.

Los Angeles, often referred to by its initials L.A., was the largest city in California, located two hours away from Sunnydale. Notably, it was the birthplace of Buffy Summers[1] and home to the Angel Investigations team.[2]


In the Primordium Age, Vahla Ha'nesh sat on the territory that would become known as Los Angeles.[3] Before her imprisonment, Illyria hid her temple by placing it on a different timestream.[4]

In 1971, Wolfram & Hart used the blood of the killer Matthias Pavayne to de-consecrate the ground of a former church, where they built the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch.[5]

The luchadores Hermanos Números fought gangsters and demons in Los Angeles. On November 9, 1953, they defeated the Tezcatcatl, during which four of the five brothers were slain.[6]

On January 19, 1981, Buffy was born in Los Angeles to Joyce and Hank Summers.[1] She was called as the Slayer in 1996,[7] when Lothos attempted to take over the city. Buffy left Los Angeles after slaying the vampire[8] and burning down a Hemery High School building in the process.[1]

On May 7, 1996, Fred read from a demonic language book in the Stewart Branch Public Library, inadvertently opening a dimensional portal to Pylea. Through the portal, Lorne exchanged places with her and set up the karaoke bar Caritas on the hotspot of psychic energy he had emerged from.[9]

Buffy spent her 1997 summer in Los Angeles with her father.[10] In the following summer, she ran away from her home in Sunnydale and returned to the city, where she lived alone and worked at Helen's Kitchen. Buffy returned home after she uncovered an extradimensional slave ring that preyed on runaway teenagers.[11]

In 1999, Angel and Cordelia took residence in Los Angeles, where they teamed up with Doyle[12] to "help the helpless" with supernatural cases in the city with the detective agency Angel Investigations.[13]

In 2003, the advent of the Beast brought a rain of fire over Los Angeles, accompanied by storms and earthquakes that caused thousands of deaths.[14] With Jasmine's soon arrival, she guided the Angel Investigations to cleanse the city from demons, causing a dramatic decrease in human deaths.[15] Jasmine took over Los Angeles using mind manipulation until the AI team defeated her, bringing chaos to the freed residents.[16]

Angel Investigations closed their agency when they joined the local Wolfram & Hart offices in 2003.[17] However, 2004 saw the Fall of Los Angeles, in which the Senior Partners punished Angel and his friends by sending the city and everyone in it into a hell dimension. Los Angeles became an apocalyptic battlefield full of demons, and Demon Lords ruled over different sections of the city.[18]

Angel's eventual sacrifice forced the Senior Partners to rewind time and undo the Fall. The existence of the supernatural were then public knowledge, and Angel and his associates became city-wide heroes and celebrities.[19] However, in the following years, Angel remained the only one who could remember the Fall.[20]

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