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A Lorophage Demon is far stronger and deadlier than any vampire.
―Rupert Giles[src]

Lorophage Demons were a sentient demon species said to be the spawn of the Old Ones. They fed on the traumatic memories and emotions of humans. Some Lorophagi wore human clothes to conceal their appearance and prowl undetected.

Physiology and Powers[]

Using its proboscis and needle-like fingers, it draws sustenance from its victims' minds. A process that is usually fatal.
―Rupert Giles[src]

The claws of a Lorophage could easily penetrate bone

Though of humanoid form, Lorophagi were completely hairless and gray-skinned, with small openings for hearing, large, solid black eyes with red pupils, elongated, needle-like fingers ending in similarly long talons, and a flexible, insectoid proboscis instead of nose and mouth. Lorophagi also underwent hibernation cycles, sleeping for decades until "the stars of the Old Ones who birthed them align," arising afterward to feed for a time and then going back to hibernation.

Lorophagi employed their proboscis and claws to feed on and kill their victims. By nailing them into their victims' foreheads, a Lorophage demon caused its victim to relive all their traumas at once, causing them to go mad briefly before dying. The victim could survive if the process was interrupted, but unless the length of contact had been negligible, they would either be driven insane or left completely emotionless. The effects of non-lethal Lorophage feedings could be reversed if said Lorophage was forced to feed on itself.

Lorophagi were also superhumanly strong and durable, capable of leaping great heights, tossing aside three fully-grown men at once and withstanding stabbing from stakes and swords without being injured. They were also quite resistant to magic.

Known Lorophagi[]

  • "The Highgate Vampire": active in London in 1972 and mistakenly dubbed a "vampire" by tabloids. Rupert Giles faced it alongside a group of fellow Watchers in training. Only Giles survived the ordeal. The demon went into hibernation and resurfaced forty years later, becoming a servant of the vampire known as "Mother Superior" after it rendered her sane while feeding off the trauma she had sustained as a human.