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Lornettes were dancers and choristers for Lorne when he led a show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.


The Lornettes wore green makeup and red horns in their performances, mimicking Lorne's actual demonic appearance. One of them was killed by Spencer, under the directives of Lee DeMarco, to oblige the demon to cooperate to steal the fates of the customers of the casino. Winifred Burkle disguised herself as one of the Lornettes in order to help her friend.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • They were portrayed by Jennifer Autry, Gloria Alexandra, Beyondka Fields, Tara Archuleta, Jill Landless, Olga Shalyganova, Kristine L. Lenmark, Maria Vantskous, Natalya Filatova,Suzanne Brasington, Nicole Covacevich, Krisanne Malloy, Kristin Hiller, and Tiffany Deal.