Lorne's Empathic Subconscious was a hulking physical manifestation brought into being when Lorne had his sleep removed to cope with the demands on his time after becoming the head of Wolfram & Hart's Entertainment Division.

Lacking the ability to sleep while still possessing the need to do so, Lorne's subconscious eventually physically manifested as a means of coping with the subconscious conflicts that Lorne would normally have processed as he slept. It went around, attacking and seemingly killing all those who had recently angered Lorne at W&H's Halloween party (such as Devlin, who came to the party wearing human skin as a mask, and Artode, who came wearing a jacket made out of the skin of a Pylean demon that he himself killed).

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce's research proved that this behavior can occur when any empath is deprived of sleep for an extended period of time. Although Angel and Gunn failed to do any damage to the manifestation, it was defeated when Winifred Burkle returned Lorne's sleep to him, causing the creature to vanish.

It's is highly likely that Behemoth Lorne may have possessed physical abilities referring to strength, stamina, resistance, durability, endurance and near-invulnerability far superior to most vampires, demons and slayers with a Great Possibility of being a Physical equal to similar characters like Adam and Possibly The Beast in terms of just pure Strength alone.

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  • He was portrayed by David Mattey.

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