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Btvs This article is about a subject whose real name is unknown, being identified only by a title, nickname, or alias.

Lord of Weho

The Lord of Weho was one of the Demon Lords of Los Angeles, his domain located in West Hollywood.


The Lord of West Hollywood was killed alongside his fellow Demon Lords thanks to the plan set up by Angel and Bro'os the Loan Shark. Angel and Bro'os distributed Hagun shafts to the other Demon Lords, giving them the impression that they were a mystical weapon that could be used to kill Angel. The Hagun Shafts were in fact suicide devices and caused all of the Demon Lords wielding them to die in an explosion.

After being resurrected by the temporal fold performed by the Senior Partners, the Lord of Weho joined the other Demon Lords in torturing and murdering Bro'os to exact revenge for betraying them to Angel. The Lord of Weho then went to the Silverlake hospital in an attempt to kill Charles Gunn as part of the Lords' plot to punish Angel. However, the Lord of Weho was beheaded by Illyria who was watching over and protecting Gunn.

The Lord of Weho's severed head became a trophy of Illyria's, and a warning to the other Lords to stay away from Charles Gunn.


The Lord of Weho was a telepath, capable of reading the thoughts of other beings.