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But stupid, attacking a Loose-Skinned Demon head on.

Loose-Skinned Demons were a humanoid demon species with loose skin and porcine features. Clem was one of them.

Physiology and Powers[]

My kind feeds on emotions. Embarrassment's the tastiest. That's why so many of us walk around naked.

Loose-Skinned demons had the ability to release snake-like tentacles from beneath the skin folds of their faces. They used these tentacles to defend themselves and also to scare their opponents.

These demons also fed on emotions, particularly embarrassment. However, they could also consume other items; Clem ate kittens for a time, but quit doing so for health and moral reasons.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In "Two to Go", Clem told Dawn that Rack was prejudiced against Loose-Skinned Demons, but this was only mentioned and not shown.