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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.
This article is about the comic book mini-series. For the Angel episode, see Long Day's Journey.
Angel Comic Books
Long Night's Journey
Long Nights Journey
Publication date 25 September 2005
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Includes Original Comics Angel #1-4
Creative Team
Written by Brett Matthews
Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Mel Rubi
Inker(s) Chris Dreier
Colorist(s) Michelle Madsen
Dave Stewart
Digital Chameleon
Comic Book Collections
publication order
Strange Bedfellows
From IDW Publishing
The Curse

Long Night's Journey was a comic book mini-series from Dark Horse Comics.


Angel was looking for a kidnapped child and stumbled upon huge powerful forces of evil. Angel fought some of the most threatening monsters around, including a vampire known as "Perfect Jheung" who had a surprising connection to Angel's past.


The story was set after "First Impressions", but before "Untouched".



The mini-series consisted of 4 issues, which were later collected in a single self-tiled trade paperback.



  • "Long Night's Journey"

Behind the Scenes

  • Artist Mel Rubi also penned comics such as Witchblade, Aliens, Darkness, and Predator: Mindhunter.
  • Promoted as "Angel retooled and reinvented" by Dark Horse Comics, the storyline represents an attempt to make Angel a comic-book hero in a more traditional sense, battling against huge behemoths of monsters.
  • These were the final Angel comics until IDW Publishing began publishing them in 2005.
  • The title is presumably intended to evoke Long Day's Journey into Night, the classic drama by Eugene O'Neill.