The electro-kinetic cat burglar-for-hire, Gwen Raiden, returns and reluctantly helps Angel and the group after they discover that the Beast is searching for five mystical beings in order to block out sunlight from Los Angeles so that all demons and vampires can roam freely.

After killing four, the fifth Totem, a charismatic man named Manny, is found and Gwen leads them to her fortified loft to hide out. But when Manny is found dead, it is discovered that Angel and Cordelia Chase, who were watching Manny, were drugged, an inside job is suspected and it falls on Connor, to whom the Beast has appeared on a number of occasions.

Quotes and trivia

  • This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Glenn Quinn, one of Angel's original co-stars, who tragically died on December 3rd, 2002. This episode was the first made after his death.
  • Connor's super-hearing ability, which he mentions in this episode, was first seen in "Benediction".Wikipedia Long Day's Journey on Wikipedia
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