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A group of Slayers patrolled in London during the end of magic.


With the exception of Faith Lehane, who acted as their mentor,[1] these women were activated as Slayers due to Willow Rosenberg’s spell, who shared Buffy Summers’s power to all Potentials.[2] Following the end of magic, the group continued their patrols, protecting the city from vampires and zompires.

Nadira, one of the Slayers, suffered from survivor’s guilt since the death of her original squad in the Azores, and was often involved in fights as a way to cope it. The squad tried to intervene, but she would fight them too, so whenever they noticed this violent behavior the slayers would call Faith for help.

After the death of Marianne, in the hands of Drusilla, they attempted to resurrect her, which ended up in a confront against Eyghon. This series of events coincided with the discovery of the alliance between Faith and Angel,[3] the responsible for Nadira’s original squad massacre, resulting in the group’s decision to disband and leave the life as Slayers.[4]


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