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Looks like local boy loses.
―Spike to Lloyd[src]

"Local Boy" was the nickname Spike gave to a humanoid demon he battled in Africa as part of the Demon Trials.


When Spike approached the Asphyx Demon, Lloyd, in his quest to his soul and prove his worth to Buffy Summers, Lloyd put Spike through the Demon Trials to test his worthiness. In the first stage of the Trials, Spike was pit against this demon, who managed to overpower Spike with his flaming fists. However, Spike eventually gained the upper hand and snapped the demon's neck, killing him.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Tanoai Reed.
  • The shooting script refers to the demon as "Muscles."
  • His flaming fists would have been fatal to vampires, although Spike only showed burn wounds and actually won the fight with him.


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