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You were a legendary dark warrior - and you let yourself be castrated. Now you have the audacity to crawl in here and demand restoration?
―Lloyd to Spike[src]

Lloyd was an Asphyx Demon that dwelled in a cave in Africa. Spike traveled to his lair seeking out his human soul. In order to restore Spike's soul, the demon demanded that Spike pass several "trials" in order to earn the restoration. The trials involved Spike defeating several demons in battles to the death. Initially, the cave dwelling demon mocked Spike, doubting his ability to pass the trials and was disgusted that a "legendary dark warrior" such as him would succumb to falling in love with a Slayer. The demon delayed the trials briefly, perhaps hoping Spike would change his mind. After Spike successfully completed the trials, the demon rested his hand on Spike's chest, showing honor and fulfilling his end of the bargain, and restored the vampire's human soul.  

Lyold was also an acquaintance of D'Hoffryn.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Steven W. Bailey.
  • Lloyd's name is mentioned by D'Hoffryn in "Selfless". D'Hoffryn says that Lloyd has a "drawing" of Warren Mears' flaying, in reference to the paintings on Lloyd's cave, which show a flaying similar to Warren's.

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