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Spike fighting against Lizard Man

You will pay for that leather woman! Nata was a close friend and a brave soldier - Hey, so was that one!
―"Lizard Man"[src]

"Lizard Man" was the nickname Spike gave to the leader of a group of Lizard-like demons he and Illyria fought in order to rescue a child. "Lizard man" seemed to be a competent fighter, as he was able to instantly get the upper hand against Spike, pinning him to the ground disarming him. Spike tried to claim that he was swinging a chain at the demons as a show of respect, but the leader of the lizards did not believe the obvious lie. "Lizard man" was outraged when Illyria killed Nata and several others of his flock. This distraction gave Spike the opportunity to seize Lizard Man's long tongue, and attempt to choke the demon to death. Spike was very disappointed when Illyria robbed him of his kill by stabbing the demon in the chest.

"Lizard Man" was likely returned to life when Los Angeles returned to the normal timeline.

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