Living Flame made by Angel

Use... Living Flame.
Rupert Giles[src]

Living Flame was a form of mystical fire that resulted from reciting a spell while throwing mystical powder on a common flame.

The Living Flame was the only way to destroy the Glove of Myhnegon, a mystical gauntlet imbued with a great and dangerous power.

Ingredients / Requirements Edit

  • 3 [unknown] powders
  • Recital (latin): Exorere, Flamma Vitae. Prodi ex loco tuo elementorum, in hunc mundum vivorum.
(English translation: Arise, Flame of Life. Come forth from your place of the elements, into this world of the living.)
  • Each powder is individually and consecutively dashed over the fire between each recital.

Appearances Edit

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