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Live Through This, Part Three is the third issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on October 26, 2011, by Dark Horse Comics.


Giles's personal Watcher files lead Angel and Faith to what Angel believes will be his true redemption — at least for a portion of his unforgivable sins.

In the underbelly of London, where demons are coping with the lack of magic and the resulting changes to the natural hierarchy, Angel and Faith follow the first major lead in Angel's quest… forcing him to reflect on his earliest days in Los Angeles.[1]


Faith questions if Angel have thought about becoming human, and he says he has a lot of things to do and couldn't do them if he were human. He also says the Shanshu Prophecy is out of the question for the moment, but Faith reminds him that now, thanks to him and Buffy, there are no more apocalypses, and becoming human is what is coming for Angel. He hesitates for a moment but replies that a stake in his heart is what will come for him eventually and, until then, he has work to do.

Faith wonders what Angel would do if she makes him human: would he reconcile with that, or would he kill himself doing the same things he does as a vampire?

Angel and Faith question many people who have purchased blood of Mohra demon for various reasons. Afterward, they meet and come to an understanding that the Blood of Eternity has been on the market for a while. Some people got cured completely, but others are missing. Faith thinks there is a chance some got the real thing while others were fooled, gave their money and got killed afterward, because the blood is rare.

No one knew where Fraser gets the blood, and Angel and Faith need help, so they go to an old friend of Giles. Alasdair Coames describes himself as an old fool with a house full of rubbish and strange stories now that magic is lost. He dedicates himself to collecting any vestige creatures that remained in our reality and are in danger. Alasdair says Mohra demons are warriors who return to their reality once they complete their task. If someone has Mohra blood, it means they captured a Mohra demon and need lots of salt to feed him.

While Angel and Faith leave Alasdair's house, Faith receives a call and tells Angel she has to go because one of her Slayers is in trouble. Angel offers his help, but Faith says it is female trouble. She meets with two Slayers in a bar, and they inform her that Nadira lost it and is in a fight with a bunch of guys. Faith buys drinks for the boys, distracting them from the fight, and takes Nadira out of the bar.

Faith asks what is wrong with her, and Nadira replies it's a slow night with no vampires to kill. Faith reminds her she must not fight with humans, since she is much stronger than them, and Nadira wonders what is wrong with herself. Faith tells her it is just the Slayer in her; she was craving for a fight because she has power and she must let it out. As long as she has the power, she will feel the need to use it, but Faith says she must be smart about it. The girls asks Faith to lead them as the more experienced one, saying they trust her, but Faith feels the burden of the responsibility and says she has to go.

While Faith leaves the girls, she realizes Alasdair have followed her. She gets mad and asks what he wants, and he replies he understands Angel wants to resurrect Giles, but it spells danger for them all. Faith says Angel won't listen, but Alasdair says he will listen to her. Faith feels the burden of responsibility again and wonders who made her responsible out of the blue. Alasdair replies, "Why, my dear girl... you did."

Faith and Angel go in disguise to an estate outside London, where an auction of Blood of Eternity is being held. They pretend to be clients and discuss with the others whether the blood is real. The auctioneer shows them a Mohra demon in captivity to prove the authenticity of his merchandise, and Faith and Angel attack. They are outnumbered, so Angel frees the Mohra demon for help. The demon thanks Angel but, feeling too weak to fight, decides to die with honor and kill himself.

With the demon gone, the only Blood of Eternity left is the vials to be sold at auction. Everybody in the building rush towards the blood trying to take some, and Faith manages to get a couple of vials. At that moment, Pearl and Nash arrive and, noticing Angel, attack him in revenge for his betrayal. Angel realizes the two are emanating more power than the last time he met them, meaning they have slaughtered more people.

Faith watch the Pearl and Nash fighting Angel and understands why Nadira and Angel are so messed up because of them. She reflects that, for 250 years, he have been creating monsters, Drusilla, Spike, and even worse, and then he has to deal with them. Faith decides to help Angel get rid of those two specific monsters — Pearl and Nash — then get rid of a monster herself: Angel.




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Death count[]

  • Two more unidentified demons, beheaded by Faith.
  • Unidentified demon, beheaded by Angel.
  • A Mohra demon, committed suicide by smashing his head jewel with a sword.

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Faith: "Do me a favor. Start letting me in on your brilliant plans."
Angel: "Sure. Soon as I start coming up with them more than two seconds in advance."
Faith: "So... You ever think about it?"
Angel: "What?"
Faith: "The Mohra blood. Using it to make yourself human again."
Angel: "Nothing's changed. I still have to do things a human can't."
Faith: "I'm sorry, were you not paying attention? Everything's changed. Giles told me about some prophecy. After you do your bit, you get to hang it up. Be a regular dude. "
Angel: "The Shanshu Prophecy. It's kind of off the table. Anyway, there's always an apocalypse."
Faith: "Actually, there isn't. I mean, global warming, okay. But the hellmouth-opening, demon-vomiting apocalypse we deal with... Those can't happen anymore. Because of you and Buffy. Maybe it's time you got what's coming to you."
Angel: "Faith... I— 'Happily ever after' isn't what's coming for me. A stake through the heart is. Until then, I have things to do."
Faith: "Time was I would've shown 'em my jugs. Can't decide if I've matured or just used to being rich."
Daphne: "Aw c'mon, Faith. Don't cop out. Tell us what to do. You're the grown-up."
Faith: "I'm the— What? You're kidding, right? If I'm the grown-up, we're screwed."
Faith: "He's not my 'gentleman friend.' But if that's why you're here, hate to break it to ya, you're a little old for me. Even though I'm friggin Obi-Wan Kenobi all of a sudden."
Alasdair: "Oh dear, I have created the wrong impression. Perhaps I should just come out with it. Between the questions Angel asked, things I've heard about his activities and his keen interest in the Mohra blood, I have... Concerns. Rupert's death was a tragedy. But attempting to resurrect him would be a far greater one."
Faith: "How'd you— Y'know what? Never mind. It's none o' your damn business."
Alasdair: "On the contrary. The forces Angel tampers with could bring disaster... Even moreso in a world without magical defenses. He must give up his mad quest."
Faith: "Heh. I want a front-row seat when you tell him that."