Angel Soundtrack

Angel: Live Fast, Die Never is an Angel soundtrack album.

The album primarily features scores composed by Robert J. Kral. In addition it also contains an extended version of the opening credits by Darling Violetta, performances from actors Andy Hallett, and Christian Kane, as well as Kim Richey's "A Place Called Home" which is featured in the episode "Shells." The album was released in the United States on May 17, 2005, a year after the show's final episode.

Track listing

  1. Angel Main Theme: The Sanctuary Extended Mix by Darling Violetta
  2. Start the Apocalypse from "Apocalypse, Nowish"
  3. The End of the World from "Apocalypse, Nowish"
  4. Massive Assault from "The Thin Dead Line"
  5. Home from "Home"
  6. Hero from "Hero"
  7. Judgment & Jousting from "Judgment"
  8. The Birth of Angelus from "The Prodigal"
  9. Rebellion from "Darla"
  10. The Trials for Darla from "The Trial"
  11. Dreaming of Darla from "First Impressions"
  12. Untouched/Darla's Fire from "Untouched"
  13. Darla's Sacrifice from "Lullaby"
  14. Welcome to Pylea from "Over the Rainbow"
  15. Through the Looking Glass from "Through the Looking Glass"
  16. Castle Attack from "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
  17. Cordy Meets Fred from "Over the Rainbow"
  18. Princess Cordelia from "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
  19. Farewell Cordelia from "You're Welcome"
  20. I'm Game by Christophe Beck from "City of"
  21. Touched by VAST from "Lonely Hearts"
  22. LA Song by Christian Kane from "Dead End"
  23. Lady Marmalade by Andy Hallett from "The House Always Wins"
  24. It's Not Easy Being Green by Andy Hallett from "The House Always Wins"
  25. A Place Called Home by Kim Richey from "Shells"
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