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Lissa was a demon allied with the First Evil. She used her shapeshifting abilities to attract Xander and attempted to sacrifice him to open the Hellmouth.[1]


Knowing that dark times were due to come, Lissa decided to ally herself with the First Evil and do her part by performing a ritual sacrifice to raise a Turok-Han. Adopting the guise of a beautiful woman, Lissa met Xander while shopping for rope to use in the ritual, telling him she intended to use it for a kayak.[1]

They went on a date that night at the Espresso Pump, which culminated in Lissa taking Xander to Sunnydale High School. She tied him with the strong rope he had recommended her and attempted to use his blood as part of her ritual sacrifice over the Seal of Danzalthar.[1]

Although she stabbed Xander and bled him on the Seal, Buffy, Robin, and Spike thwarted her plan coming to Xander's rescue. Only a Turok-Han's arm got through before being severed by the closing Seal, and Buffy decapitated Lissa. In death, the demon reverted to her inhuman appearance.[1]


Promotional pictures featuring Lissa.

Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Ashanti.
  • The original script had her named "Maya" instead.[2]



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